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Teaching Supports

Educational resources to support your scientific teaching endeavors. 

Curricular Resources

Lessons, Lectures, Videos and Other Materials devoted to STEM Teaching and Learning

American Association of Physics Teachers - Resources for College and University Physics Faculty

Variety of links to resources for college and university physics faculty

Association of American Colleges and Universities Value Rubrics

Freely downloadable rubrics that can be used/adapted to evaluate student learning outcomes such as inquiry and analysis, critical thinking, written communication, oral communication, quantitative literacy, teamwork and problem-solving


CourseSource is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that publishes tested, evidence-based undergraduate activities in biology and physics. The articles include details in a format, style, and voice that supports replicability. Publishing activities in CourseSource provides authors with recognition of the creativity, experience, and time needed to develop effective classroom materials, while also supporting the dissemination of evidence-based teaching practices. Authors can list CourseSource articles in the peer-reviewed publication section of their curriculum vitae and use them as evidence for excellence in teaching.

Garage Demos: Physical Models of Biological Processes-UCI Biology Education Research Program

Variety of YouTube videos with introductory biology demonstrations along with instructions for faculty

HHMI Biointeractive

Variety of science education films, lectures, and lessons that can be incorporated into courses



A Harvard-led collection of online labs, instructional units, and simulators.  Content crosses all STEM disciplines.

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

Database containing peer-reviewed, published case studies from a variety of disciplines (mostly STEM

National Science Digital Library

Extensive library of resources for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education

Open Source Physics

Variety of curricular resources for physics classrooms 

PhET Interactive Simulations project from University of Colorado Boulder PER group 

Free interactive science simulations to engage students in an intuitive, game-like environment​​


Physics Education Research Central

Centralized resource for evidence-based physics education research containing curricular materials (course packages) in physics​

Scientist Spotlight

ProteinTech “The Incubator”

Podcast that follows biology-oriented career paths of science professionals.


Science Education and Society (SEAS) “Confluence”

Video Series aimed at STEM majors featuring the stories of scientists’ journeys.


HHMI BioInteractive

Provides interviews with scientists to aid with career exploration and development.


PBS NOVA “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers”

Brief features on the work of scientists and their interests in and outside of the lab.


“Web of Stories”

Scientists, mathematicians, and other professionals share their life stories through interviews.


Esther Lederberg, “Pioneer of Bacterial Genetics”

Biography of the woman who discovered fertility plasmids and bacterial conjugation.


Behind the Scenes at MIT: Stories of Chemists

A library of videos from undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral researchers, and PIs where each scientist talks about their current research and shares a personal story.


The White House Archives: Untold Story of Women in Science and Technology

Women in the administration share the stories of their personal female heroes in STEM.


TED Fellows Female Scientists

Excerpts and quotes from 12 women leading in various STEM fields.


Charlie Rose Interview with Paul Nurse

Nobel Prize winner Paul Nurse discusses advancements in medicine and cancer treatment.


LabTV Video Series

Videos with advice and stories from scientists focused on medicine and patient care.


1000 STEM Women Project

90 second videos of scientists about their research designed to be understood at a K-12 level.


A recent survey of over 700 Summer Institutes alumni revealed that instructors used more scientific teaching in their courses when they saw more supports available to them (e.g., helpful peers, access to online resources, positive student responses). Seeing challenges to implementation (e.g., not having enough time, not feeling confident with scientific teaching) actually had little impact on instructors’ use of scientific teaching. Instructors were able to overcome such challenges with enough supports. By focusing on the network of available supports and working to identify and generate new forms of support, instructors may increase their capacity to adopt and develop evidence-based practices. (Bathgate et al., submitted)

Active Learning

Videos and Resources Showcasing Active Learning Classrooms

Active learning method that involves peers learning from one another

Video featuring a classroom setup devoted to active learning. An active learning method that involves peers learning from one another


Repository for Envisioning Active Learning in STEM Classrooms (REALISE)

Step-by-step instructions on how to implement active learning in the classroom


Scientific Teaching Series - Active Learning Module

Comprehensive resource of active learning with embedded videos, and more


Biology (from PULSE Community)

Sample video featuring active learning in a biology classroom

Teaching Strategies and Tools

Teaching Strategies and Tools Supporting Scientific Teaching Principles

Poll Everywhere

An internet-based student response system that does not require physical clickers. Students can use a laptop or cell phone to respond to polls.  Can be used to monitor student learning before or during class. A free plan exists for educators.


The Flipped Classroom

A teaching approach where students often watch short video clips before class on course content and apply what they have learned in class using active learning.


Case Study Approach

A teaching approach where students work collaboratively on cases that embed science in a real-world context. Can encourage students to use higher-order thinking skills.

Instructional Moves

A project from Harvard University designed to help instructors improve their teaching practices through community building, interactive lectures, and discussion facilitation. 


Peer Instruction

A teaching approach where students learn material through a structured questioning approach developed by Eric Mazur’s group in physics.


Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)

Resource site for a type of guided inquiry learning that engages students in the process of learning.


Team-Based Learning

A wealth of resources on a form of active learning that involves collaborative work in teams.

Solve a Teaching Problem

An interactive resource from Carnegie Mellon University that allows instructors to select teaching challenges and immediately be directed to solutions grounded in educational literature.


Useful list of verbs divided by Bloom taxonomy to define learning goals and objectives

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