Solve My Problem

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2022 Topics


In April, we invited the NIST community to submit problems that individuals would like to work on this summer with a small group. Based on the submissions, we have identified topics of interest.


When you register for Solve My Problem, you will be asked to indicate your top 3 choices of topics based on Scientific Teaching principles (active learning, inclusivity, and assessment). Our goal will be to match you with your first choice, unless there are too few people to form a group. 


Registration Deadline: June 14, 2022

Registration Fee: A $30 non-refundable fee will be collected when registering.

Opening Workshop: Tuesday, June 21, 2022. 9am HI/ 11am AK/ 12pm P/ 1pm M / 2pm C / 3pm E (Workshop length: 90 minutes) 

Wrap-up Session: July 19, 9am HI/ 11am AK/ 12pm P/ 1pm M / 2pm C / 3pm E (90 minutes). 

Small Group Work (June 21-July 19, 2022)

Small groups of five or six members will meet online weekly for four weeks to focus on specific problems and develop strategies that participants can use in their courses. Group work will be self-directed. Each group will be assigned a coordinator, who will be available to liaise with SMP organizers and share requests for support, and to answer questions about Solve My Problem events and meetings. Groups will complete a weekly check-in so that coordinators and organizers can help with any challenges that arise.


Each group will determine a goal for the output of their summer project.  Examples may include: 

  • a revised syllabus with inclusive language; 

  • a list of metacognitive strategies to deploy in an upcoming course; 

  • a plan for a new course activity or assignment.  


In some groups, each participant will develop their own materials, in conversation with the full group through help with brainstorming and resource sharing. In other cases, the entire group might develop a set of principles or strategies that could be deployed generally across all of their individual contexts. 


SMP Summer 2022 Schedule: 

  • Week 1 (June 21-June 24) Opening and Group Meetings

    • Opening Workshop: Tuesday, June 21, 2022. 9am HI/ 11am AK/ 12pm P/ 1pm M / 2pm C / 3pm E (90 minutes) Introduce the goals for the summer program.

    • Group Meetings: Discuss goals and themes, and schedule future weekly meetings

  • Week 2 (June 27-July 1, 2022) Group Meetings: 

    • Individual presentations on research on possible solutions

    • Begin to apply solutions to individual context

    • Complete weekly check-in

  • Week 3 (July 4-July 8) Group Meetings: 

    • Development of solutions

    • Share solutions with group

    • Continue to apply solutions to individual context

    • Discuss process/product to share at wrap-up session

  • Week 4 (July 11- July 15) Group Meetings:

    • Finalize incorporation of solutions into individual contexts

    • Finalize and organize materials in Google Drive to share with other participants

    • Finalize presentation materials for wrap-up session

  • Week 5 (July 18- July 19) Wrap-up Session:

    • Wrap-up Session: July 19, 9am HI/ 11am AK/ 12pm P/ 1pm M / 2pm C / 3pm E (90 minutes). Each group will briefly present the materials that they developed and receive feedback from other participants.

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