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Xinnian Chen

Past President


Xinnian Chen is a Professor-in-Residence in Physiology and Neurobiology at the University of Connecticut, where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology course to 350 biology majors and directs laboratories associated with the course. Her current research interests include understanding the mechanisms through which can increase students engagement in classrooms, and ways to promote institutional adoption of evidence-based teaching pedagogies.  Xinnian joined Scientific Teaching community in 2009, and since have served as a facilitator, speaker, and leader for both Regional and Mobile Summer Institutes (MoSI).  Those experiences, in addition to her participation in SI evaluation efforts, have led her to believe it is critical for NIST to continue providing accessible and effective training opportunities to faculty. It is equally important for NIST to continue supporting the local and national networks that facilitate communication and collaboration among individual participants and involving institutions.

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