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This is a new tenure track Assistant Professor position in entomology education. The position is expected to be 50% Instruction and 50% Research and will be located on the Athens campus. It will contribute to teaching undergraduate and graduate entomology courses and build an externally funded research program in Entomology Education that contributes to our core Departmental research strengths (Pollinator Health & Conservation; IPM, Biological Control & Applied Ecology; Evolutionary Biology & Systematics; Insect-Microbial Interactions; Biotechnology, Endocrinology & Genomics; Urban Entomology; Vector Biology, Livestock & Medical Entomology; Wetland & Aquatic Ecology). The successful candidate will be expected to spend approximately one half of their time teaching undergraduate/graduate courses (e.g., Outreach and Service-Learning in Entomology: ENTO 3300S, Entomology for Educators: ENTO 5730/7730E, coordinating seminars (ENTO 3000/8000, ENTO 3000/8000E) and internships (BTEC 3910 & ENTO 3910). Instructional expectations will also include teaching a course in the successful applicant’s area of expertise and mentoring graduate students.

Other key duties will include: 1) Coordinating, recruiting and developing the undergraduate program, 2) coordinating and participating in student outreach, experiential learning, service-learning and distance learning components of the undergraduate programs, 3) providing undergraduate advising in coordination with the CAES professional advisor, 4) providing instructional and technical support to faculty members and the Department Head (example activities include instructional materials and technology development, instructional techniques, and specialized instructional skills), and 5) coordinating teaching program learning outcome assessment and evaluation activities.

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