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Virginia Commonwealth University


Student Success is building a new academic support space known as the “Science Hub” for science students within the Campus Learning Center (CLC) supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for Inclusive Excellence grant, a five year project. The Science Hub Program Manager will provide support to undergraduate students in science disciplines to build a support community at the University. The Program Manager will work with science departments’ faculty to facilitate programming across disciplines; specifically work with students to improve study skills, learning strategies and study group behavior; and will manage the day-to-day operations of the Science Hub including overseeing student staff, programming, and space. We welcome candidates with diverse experiences and backgrounds who will contribute to an already diverse community of faculty, staff, and students.


Student Success is at the core of VCU’s new strategic plan – Quest 2025: Together We Transform. To ensure each VCU student finds success on their individualized path, it is imperative that we establish a campus environment that eliminates artificial barriers to degree progression/graduation, nurtures student engagement both with faculty and our community, develops cultural competency in our graduates, and creates opportunities to experiment and develop tangible and intangible skills related to their future career goals.

The primary responsibilities and duties of the Program Manager include:

1. Meeting individually with students and assessing needs. a. Make referrals to campus resources as needed. b. Develop programming within the Science Hub based on needs assessment. 2. Assisting with the development and implementation of CLC (Campus Learning Center) and Science Hub programming. a. Create and present customized workshops for students b. Create and present customized workshops for faculty and staff. c. Continue fostering faculty communities including, but not limited to, joint student hour programming and regular faculty information sessions. 3. Assisting with CLC student staff training where appropriate. 4. Developing materials related to studying and learning support to share with students and departments. 5. Maintaining student visit records. 6. Actively following up with students to promote retention. 7. Developing and managing a study group program for students in the sciences. 8. Managing the space and student staff of the Science Hub. 9. Serving as a liaison with faculty to support Science Hub programming. 10. Provide support for the assessment of all Science Hub activities. 11. Supporting other areas of Student Success during the summer. 12. Performing other duties as required to promote the Campus Learning Center. 13. Assisting in other areas of Student Success as needed. *Work assignments and/or event participation may require weekend and/or evening hours.


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