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Dr. Jaime Sabel is currently recruiting a PhD student to do biology education research (BER) in the Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Memphis in Memphis, TN starting in Fall 2020. Ideal candidates will be those who have earned an undergraduate or master’s degree in biology (or related field) and are interested in pursuing a PhD focused on research in undergraduate biology education. Dr. Sabel’s research focuses on the effective use of various classroom learning tools to support undergraduate students in learning biology (visit to learn more about current areas of focus). The Department of Biological Sciences has flexible program requirements, so many opportunities exist, and the program of study can be developed to best fit students’ interests. Please visit to learn more about the department, and contact Dr. Sabel with questions or for more information about a typical program of study for biology education research students. Interested candidates should send a CV and a short statement of interest to Dr. Sabel at

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