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Yale University

The foundational biology modules (BIOL101 – BIOL104) are looking for additional teaching scholars for their teaching teams this upcoming Fall term. If you are a graduate student aiming to fulfill a teaching requirement, this module (half a semester, ~6 weeks) is worth one requirement. If you are a post-doc seeking a teaching experience, the biology modules are one of very few courses allowed to recruit post-doctoral researchers as teaching scholars. For those of you headed towards academic positions that include teaching, this is an excellent opportunity to add to your teaching resume, so please reach out to us if interested. The compensation for one half term is 20 hrs/week.

Details regarding class time & when to be available: Lectures are Monday/Wednesday from 11:35 a.m. -12:50 p.m. One weekly teaching team meeting will be held either directly following or prior to the Monday lecture to discuss teaching materials that will be used for discussion sections, which you will lead on a weekly basis. In addition, you must be available to teach a discussion section on a weekly basis. Lastly, be advised that classes for the Fall term will start on Wednesday August 28th.

There is more info in the attached document about the BIOL series as a whole and if you are interested in teaching during the Spring term, please let us know.

If you’re interested, please contact:

Amaleah Hartman (

For Fall Term BIOL101/102

Samantha Lin (

For Fall Term BIOL103/104

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