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Nicholls State University is looking to hire an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences. Applicants must apply by completing an unclassified application online at Paper applications will not be accepted. If you need assistance, please contact Please note that all applications received are subject to the Louisiana Public Records Act § 44:1 et seq., and information regarding your application may be released if requested under this statute. Duties 20% The time for this position will be spent providing service to the department, college, university, and profession through advising, committee work, and volunteer activity. The person in this position will be expected to advise students in concentrations related to the faculty member's background. In addition, the person in this position will be expected to serve on departmental search committees, and other committees such as the recruiting and retention committee, and the student awards committee. In addition, the faculty member in this position should be willing to serve on various college-level and university-level committees if the opportunity arises. Finally, the faculty member should be willing to volunteer for off-hours and weekend recruiting events and to represent the department on weekend events like Family Day. Accountable for ensuring that affirmative action, equal opportunity, and diversity are integrally tied to all actions and decisions in areas of responsibility. 30% The time for this position will be spent conducting research through mentoring undergraduate and graduate student research, serving on graduate student thesis committees, submitting research grants, participating in professional development opportunities, presenting research findings at professional meetings, and publishing scholarly articles. 50% The time for this position will be spent teaching courses in the Department of Biological Sciences. This position will mostly teach courses related to general biology, microbiology, and human health, but the courses taught by this position remains at the discretion of the department head and is based on departmental needs. Education and Requirements Minimum Experience Required: Teaching experience at the college level. Minimum Education Required: Ph.D. in Biology or related field. Preferred Education: PhD with training in Microbiology and Human Health Preferred Experience: 1. Teaching experience with college students, especially freshmen. 2. Use of high-impact learning practices in teaching 3. Research and student mentoring experience in the field. Other Preferred Requirements: Evidence of grantsmanship

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