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The Interdisciplinary Sciences Learning Laboratories (ISLL) at the University of Delaware invites applications for a preceptor, a science education scholar who will support instruction of an integrated introductory biology and chemistry course sequence or entry-level physical science. We seek an individual to work in a team based, collaborative environment. The ideal candidate will facilitate and enhance the meaningful learning of freshmen students enrolled in an integrated course sequence by acting as a liaison between students, faculty, and staff during the pivotal first year of undergraduate study. Strong, discipline-specific content knowledge (biology or chemistry), commitment to the use of evidence based teaching methods and pursuit of scholarly activities associated with teaching and learning are strongly desirable. Other responsibilities include contributing to the development of curricular materials and mentoring of students, including graduate and undergraduate members of the teaching team.

The successful candidate will work collaboratively with faculty from the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and other closely affiliated units to create a dynamic and responsive learning environment that enhances student inquiry, engagement and impactful learning, while nurturing inclusive academic growth of a diverse student body.

An innovative leader in teaching and research, the University of Delaware combines a rich historic legacy with a commitment to undergraduate education and the creation of new innovative, impactful learning environments. The main campus in Newark, Delaware provides the amenities of a vibrant college town with convenient access to the major cities of the East Coast.


Teaching Related Responsibilities (75%)

  • Teaching: Lead active learning modules during lectures to help students acquire a meaningful understanding of experimental work by linking lab material to concepts explored in biology and chemistry lectures.

  • Development: Design, test, and iteratively implement engaging activities for laboratory and lecture components in close collaboration with senior lab technicians, technology specialists, and faculty.

  • Education Support: Monitor student progress to target and implement meaningful interventions, hold regular office hours and serve as a mentor to students and graduate teaching assistants.

  • Course Coordination: Regularly convene with all members of the teaching team to serve as the primary liaison between all course components. Promote alignment between course components. Effectively facilitate communication between faculty, teaching assistants, administrative, technological and laboratory staff. Lead or co-lead laboratory training sessions and run-throughs.

Scholarship of Teaching Responsibilities (25%)

  • Professional Development: Attend and contribute effectively to the ISLL's staff meetings, workshops, and professional development opportunities with partners on campus.

  • Work with the director and a faculty mentor to create and follow through on an individual development plan (IDP) that may include:

  • Developing and instructing new courses

  • Developing and/or leading educational outreach projects

  • Research and Outreach: In line with the successful applicant's IDP, develop and/or collaborate on: Educational research projects aligned with the ISLL program goals.

  • Educational outreach efforts that advance the mission of the ISLL or science education.


  • Ph.D., Ed.D. or M.S. in Biological or Chemical Sciences, Physics, or related discipline required.

  • Teaching experience at the college or university level in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) discipline or in a Discipline Based Educational Research program in STEM is preferred.

  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with an interdisciplinary team.

  • Adept at learning to implement and coach the use of new education or science technologies.

  • Awareness of student-centered active learning pedagogies that engage students in open-ended inquiry in a collaborative learning environment is preferred.

  • Familiarity with research literature on STEM education, PBL, and progressive 21st century learning expectations. Fluent written and oral communication skills.

  • Ability to explain difficult concepts in terms that students with different learning styles and heterogeneous talents understand.

  • Use formative assessment of student's progress, strengths, and weaknesses to develop strategies to facilitate learning and motivate development of effective learner's mind set.

  • Provide a supportive and caring environment for students.


Requires compliance with Delaware regulations including applicable laws and regulations. Successful completion of criminal background check, child protection and adult abuse registry checks, health examination and TB test.

Applications close: Open until filled

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