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College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University

The Department of Biology at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University invites applications for a full-time term position starting August 2019. Ph.D. in a biological discipline is required. The anticipated teaching assignment includes lectures and labs in Foundations of Biology (BIOL 101), which gives an overview of the fundamental themes of biology within the context of a specific biological topic, and lectures and labs in Intermediate Cell Biology and Genetics (BIOL 201), which covers biological molecules, cell structure, cell signaling, metabolism, and classical and molecular genetics. Therefore, candidates with previous experience teaching biology in lecture and laboratory settings are preferred. The successful candidate will demonstrate a commitment to the education of undergraduates in a liberal arts environment as well as the potential to engage students and teach creatively in introductory biology courses. The candidate is welcome, but not required, to maintain a research program. The College of Saint Benedict (CSB), a liberal arts college for women, and Saint John's University (SJU), a liberal arts college for men, are located in the central lakes area of Minnesota, surrounded by more than 3,000 acres of pristine forests, prairies, and lakes. The campuses are minutes away from St. Cloud, an increasingly diverse regional center with a population of over 100,000, and 70 miles from Minneapolis and St. Paul. Some CSB/SJU faculty and staff choose to reside locally, while others commute from the Twin Cities. Both St. Cloud and the Twin Cities offer a wide range of fine arts, cultural, dining, recreational, and sporting opportunities.

Applications can be submitted at this link:

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