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Long Beach Community College District is currently seeking one full-time tenure track Microbiology Instructor commencing with the 2019 fall semester. The primary teaching assignment involves teaching General Microbiology, lecture and laboratory, in the Life Science Department. General Microbiology is an introductory course examining the anatomy, metabolism, characteristics, classification, and control of microorganisms. It also examines diseases caused by microorganisms. This course is designed for students entering nursing, physician assistant, or other healthcare programs. The assignment may also include teaching other life science courses, as necessary.


  • Master's degree in any biological science OR

  • Bachelor's degree in any biological science AND Master's degree in biochemistry, biophysics, or marine science OR

  • Hold a valid California Community College Instructor Credential to teach in the discipline OR

  • The equivalent AND

  • Evidence of demonstrated cultural competency and enthusiasm in serving the diverse academic, socioeconomic, gender identity, sexual orientation, racial, and cultural backgrounds of community college student populations, including students with differing abilities (physical and/or learning), as these factors relate to the need for equity-minded practices within the classroom.


  • Master's Degree or above in microbiology or biotechnology.

  • Evidence of previous teaching experience in microbiology, lecture and laboratory, preferably at the community college level.

  • Evidence of an ability to work with computers, multimedia, and other technologies that are utilized in providing high-quality instruction

  • Evidence of the ability to use a variety of teaching strategies that encourage retention while successfully challenging diverse student populations.

  • Evidence of an ability to address the needs of students from developmental through transfer levels, especially those who are under prepared.

  • Desire and ability to participate actively in department, division, and college committees, and in the shared governance of Long Beach City College.

  • Evidence of an ability to take on leadership roles both within the department and in the institution as a whole.

  • Commitment to the Mission and Strategic Objectives of the two-year college.

  • Knowledge and interest in curriculum development

  • Evidence of an ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

The College seeks candidates who exhibit an understanding and commitment to the community college mission, and who have a passion for commitment to student success. The position encompasses the following professional responsibilities and competencies: SERVICE

  • Assume leadership roles both within the department and in the institution as a whole.

  • Commitment to serving the needs of the student, department, college, and community.

  • Collaboration across disciplines and utilization of student support resources.

  • Participation in department, division, college committees, and participatory governance activities.

  • Participation in curriculum and program development.

  • Work collegially and collaboratively within the college community.

  • Participation in ongoing professional development.


  • Ability to create a dynamic learning environment that values instructor/student interaction.

  • Ability to effectively engage with and facilitate authentic learning for students of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

  • Ability to adapt teaching pedagogy to the knowledge of each individual and class.

  • Ability to self-reflect and respond to an evidence-based assessment of student learning.

  • Demonstrated experience and commitment to integrating new technologies into the learning process, including but not limited to interactive technologies for on campus and on-line courses.

  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Obtain more about application information and apply here:

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