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The University of British Columbia is seeking an Educational Strategist as part of the Student Diversity Initiative in Science. The Job ID is 32038 and can be accessed from the UBC Careers website:

Closing date for applications is 12/28/18. Please share with anyone who might be interested.

Brief Summary

The Educational Strategist, Student Diversity Initiative, embedded in the Faculty of Science (specifically within the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching (Skylight)), is responsible for supporting the development of strategies to embed inclusive teaching and learning approaches into the Faculty of Science. This includes faculty-led teaching and learning enhancement pilot projects that address complex issues facing students around equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM courses. Using an evidence-informed approach that is grounded in literature, the Educational Strategist will work collaboratively with science faculty, Science Education Specialists (SESs) and science departments.

To support the implementation of university-wide strategic priorities outlined in the UBC Strategic Plan, this position works in partnership with the Faculty of Science and relevant groups and initiatives across campus. The Educational Strategist leads the planning and implementation of systemic change strategies to cultivate educational policies and processes, pedagogical practices, and a campus culture in which all students are equitably supported to succeed. As well, this position will play a pivotal role in efforts towards building capacity within the Faculty of Science to sustain best practices and to building a campus culture in which all students are equitably supported to succeed.

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