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The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is seeking a Manager of Laboratory Instruction. The Manager will support the curricular development and teaching of BMB laboratory courses. This position will participate in curriculum development with faculty instructors and oversee scheduling and coordination between the different courses and instructors.

Responsibilities include overseeing the maintenance of laboratory supplies and equipment, managing laboratory spaces and coordination and training of teaching assistants. Primary responsibilities include assisting with and coordinating Course-based Undergraduate Research (CURE) projects with faculty, including developing guidelines and protocols to adapt research projects for teams of students in laboratory classes, providing scientific and technical expertise for course-based student independent projects, as well as consulting on reagents and supplies and helping students and teaching assistants (TAs) as they perform experiments, analyze data and troubleshoot. Coordinating participation of faculty and teaching assistants, supervising graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants and technical staff supporting the teaching laboratories, including consulting on the efficient use of teaching laboratory space, equipment, and other resources, training teaching assistants on procedures and instrumentation; overseeing teaching assistants in preparation, set-up and take-down of laboratory exercises, coordinating schedules for preparatory and maintenance duties. Assuming primary responsibility for laboratory supplies and reagents, including overseeing the ordering and preparation of supplies, solutions, and reagents for laboratory exercise, maintaining the BMB teaching laboratory supply, chemical inventory, and equipment lists, communicating with Department Head about the status and needs of the BMB teaching lab.

A detailed job description and application information can be found at

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