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Central State University

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Central State University is looking to hire an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry. The Assistant Professor is expected to provide student instruction, advising, curriculum development, program design, and lead/conduct research activities including published articles/books.

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach a minimum of 12 contact hours per semester (24 annually) including biochemistry (with lab) and other courses in the chemistry major

  • Maintain office hours and advise assigned students

  • Assist in curriculum development, review, and textbook selection

  • Collaborate with departmental and college faculty in curriculum and program development and research

  • Assist in the recruitment, retention and persistence activities of the department – academic release time will be provided

  • Participate in college and professional development activities

  • Involvement in recognized professional associations and organizations

  • Maintain an extramurally funded research program that involves undergraduates

  • Publish research results in scientific forums and journals

  • Other duties as assigned by the Chair

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Possession of a doctoral degree or professional degree required to teach biochemistry

  • Experience as an instructor at an accredited university teaching biochemistry (3 years preferred at the rank of instructor or higher) and related disciplines using modern biochemical techniques with undergraduates

  • Evidence of teaching at the undergraduate level

  • Evidence of scholarship and research, particularly scholarly publication.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience and interest in teaching students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds

  • Ability to use technology in instruction and in student advising

  • Experience in teaching introductory chemistry courses and upper level biochemistry courses

  • Experience in using inquiry and problem-based learning pedagogies in both laboratory and classroom

  • Experience in teaching and research using modern instrumentation and molecular techniques

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