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University of Louisiana Monroe

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The University of Louisiana Monroe is seeking an individual capable of teaching introductory biology courses and serving as the coordinator for the implementation of a Quality Enhancement Plan. This is a 12-month position that includes a half-time teaching appointment. As liaison to the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) committee, the candidate will be responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing pedagogical and metacognitive strategies for introductory major and non-major biology courses.

Duties include but are not limited to: teach 6 credit hours per semester during Fall and Spring and 3 credit hours in the Summer; develop support courses for introductory biology sections; serve as the liaison between the faculty and QEP committee; implement QEP vision; develop active learning strategies and other innovative pedagogical approaches for support classes and introductory biology courses; assists in all areas of program improvement, including participation in curriculum evaluation and revision; evaluate and assess curriculum of support classes; write reports as assigned; perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Candidates must have at least a master’s degree in a biological discipline or in biology education, but a Ph.D. is preferred. Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated potential for teaching biology at the college level, including the knowledge of innovative pedagogical and metacognitive approaches to teaching undergraduates from diverse backgrounds.

For more information and to apply, visit the job posting here.

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