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Florida International University’s STEM Transformation Institute has an immediate opening for an Assistant Director, Research Programs. The successful candidate will provide overall project leadership and support for curriculum development and implementation within The Collaborative for Institutionalizing Scientific Learning at FIU, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Grant. The Assistant Director will work closely with discipline-based education research STEM faculty leading the project as well as with faculty implementing transformed science and mathematics curricula in university classes. This project will expand the number of science and mathematics faculty utilizing evidence-based strategies, while solidifying an institutional culture of STEM education innovation already underway. This is multi-year grant-funded, time-limited appointment with funding for at least three years. The minimum salary is $50,000 per year, with additional compensation based on experience.

FIU is a minority-serving urban public research institution in Miami, Florida. FIU is the 4th largest public university with 55,000 students, of which 61% are Hispanic, 13% are Black, and 56% are women; and thus provides a unique opportunity to develop models for working with historically underrepresented populations. The STEM Transformation Institute is a multidisciplinary collaboration across the FIU Colleges for the research and development of effective educational practices that lead to substantial increases in the number of well-prepared STEM professionals, including teachers, graduating FIU. Undertaking this challenge requires partnerships with local K12 systems and colleges, businesses and industry, foundations, and national education leaders in order to create an educational landscape that supports all students, coming through multiple pathways, and leading to a productive workforce. The STEM Institute capitalizes on the unique skills that FIU’s diverse student population brings to their learning and ultimately the workforce. The Institute serves as a living laboratory that disseminates practices, policies, and STEM professionals across the nation. Specific duties include working with HHMI Project Team to support HHMI faculty scholars in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics in selection, planning, implementation, and assessment of reformed science curricula for their classroom practices.; providing coordination to the project by organizing project activities and meetings, coordinating Faculty Fellow recruitment, overseeing project reports, and managing budgets; coordinating project assessment that target classroom impact, faculty professional development, and institutional change, including coordinating a team of undergraduate research assistants involved in assessment efforts; coordinating internal and external outreach efforts, including overseeing dissemination materials, supervising media press releases, collecting public relations materials, and organizing web-based materials. Candidates with doctoral degree in science, science education, or related field are preferred, although strong candidates with a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree plus 2 years of relevant experience may apply. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Laird Kramer (305-348-6073/ or Rocio Benabentos (305-348-5946/ Candidates are expected to have excellent organizational, communication and writing skills. Preference will be given to candidates with documented experience and interest in STEM research and education. Please send application materials (cover letter and Resume) to

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