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The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Colby College has been allocated a second laboratory instructor with an anticipated start date in mid-August 2018. With this new position, the department will consist of six tenured and tenure-track faculty and two permanent laboratory instructors. Under the supervision of the Department of Physics and Astronomy Chair and in collaboration with other teaching faculty and staff, the primary focus of the position will be laboratory instruction and technical support for astronomy courses, as well as laboratory instruction for introductory physics courses. The observing facilities at Colby include a new (2016) PlaneWave 0.7 m CDK telescope, a Celestron C-14 telescope and associated instrumentation for imaging and spectroscopy. The astronomy program also uses several 8” telescopes in the introductory laboratory. The laboratory instructor will be responsible for preparing laboratory activities and materials, setting up laboratories, directing students during laboratories, assessing student work, and maintenance of the observatory. Typically the laboratory instructor will teach three laboratory sections per semester and have responsibility for setup, operations, maintenance of the observatory and astronomy teaching laboratories, and direction of the observatory for community events.

Qualifications include Bachelor’s degree in physics or astronomy or the equivalent in education and experience; training in the use of telescopes and image processing software strongly preferred; skills in observational astronomy; excellent verbal and written communication skills; demonstrated commitment to undergraduate education; highly organized, attentive to detail, and dedicated to the department and the College; commitment to working as part of a diverse team and student body; high energy, creative initiative, and flexibility; commitment to working as part of a team; flexibility on work schedule to support the department and teaching programs.

For more information and to apply, please visit the full job posting here.

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