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2024 Northeast Summer Institute 

In partnership with


The National Institute on Scientific Teaching (NIST) will be offering a Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching in New York City in summer 2024, in partnership with Macmillan Learning. The Summer Institute will expand and sharpen participants' teaching skills through workshops facilitated by national science education experts.  Participants will experience a range of evidence-based teaching strategies, and leave the Summer Institute well-equipped to begin transforming their own teaching, with a focus on inclusive teaching, active learning, and assessment. This workshop has been identified as a major transformative event in the careers of many college and university faculty, at R1 institutions to community colleges. At the end of the institute participants will join a national community of practitioners who are dedicated to undergraduate education reform. Over the past 20 years, over 2,700 people from more than 100 institutions have attended Summer Institutes all over the country. It is estimated that more than 1,000,000 students have been positively impacted by faculty development in scientific teaching offered through NIST programs.


Macmillan Learning will host the 2024 Summer Institute in their beautiful office in Lower Manhattan. 



The Summer Institute consists of interactive workshops that explore the pillars of scientific teaching: backward design and assessment, inclusivity, and active learning—based on current educational research. Additionally, participants will work in small groups to create a short teaching activity, directly gaining practice in implementing scientific teaching. 


Questions? Please contact the NIST team at

2022 NYC Summer Institute Testimonials

“As a newer teaching faculty member, this program was so useful in terms of covering a lot of teaching practices that I had not been formally exposed to before. I believe this program will have served as an integral part of my development as an engaging and effective teacher at my institution. I could not be more happy to have attended and be a part of this community!”

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