1-hr. Weekly Sessions


Faculty Learning

Community of NIST

Facilitated online

drop-in meetings.

A space for self and collective reflection, learning, academic

and emotional support

in an informal setting


Six 2-hr. Sessions

ST Short Course


Online synchronous meetings with pre-workshop

reading assignments


A series of workshops led by providing comprehensive training on six components of  scientific teaching


5-day, Immersive Sessions

Regional SI

Small Teams


A project-based, interactive workshop focused on individual pedagogy training in evidence-based teaching practices 


Final Teaching Tidbit Product


5-day, Immersive Sessions




A project-based, interactive workshop focused on individual pedagogy training in evidence-based teaching practices 


Institutional change elements support

participant transformation after the workshop


NIST Communications

Coordinator Position

NIST Communications Coordinator Position

Weekly work from 10-15 hours/week

Preferred Availability:  8-12 months

$50 per hour

The Executive Committee of the National Institute on Scientific Teaching is seeking a part-time communcations coordinator to support the activities of the organization.  It is an administrative role that helps the officers of the organization plan, execute, and monitor communcations strategies across the whole organization.


This job might be for you if 

  • You have 1-3 years of communications experience – creating and implementing strategies and developing online content. A bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing or PR is preferred.

  • You’re a communications wonder! You can crank out a press release, Facebook update or newsletter article without even trying. You’re willing to share your ideas wither other.

  • You have the ability to collaborate with several teams at once, and you have no problem managing multiple initiatives simultaneously.

  • Computers do what you say. You are confident with the office suite, website content management, email marketing and social media applications.

As our Communications Coordinator, you will work with members of the Executive Committee as well as members of the NIST Community to raise public awareness of our organization through online and offline channels.  This means that you get to:

• use Wix Website Builder to update NIST website content to match requested text, imagery, and functionality.

• use MailChimp with a template to enter content into Newsletters and email campaigns.

• use Canvas LMS to assist in the preparation of materials for assorted workshops.

• use standard office software to create print and/or electronic documents, brochures, etc.

• solicit specific content from members of the NIST Community when needed.

• support our social media channel(s).

• assist with other duties as needed.

Send Cover Letter, CV or Resume, and Samples of your work to the NIST ExCom by clicking below.


Evidence-based instructional practices shared by expert educators with the goal of making

post-secondary education more active, inclusive and student-centered.

Come explore evidence-based

models of instruction for the

undergraduate classroom.

An introductory undergraduate biology course may be the only exposure many students have to the sciences. It can be an opportunity to interest students in science, scientific research, and science-based careers. How will you teach?